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The Staff of TFP Therapeutic Services


TFP has Master’s Level therapists with specialized training in working with Individuals, Couples and Families. Our Qualified Staff Members are experienced and trained in assessing and treating trauma, abuse and a variety of other topics and issues. For information on specific topics, please see our Services Provided page. TFP provides culturally competent and sensitive services. A bilingual staff member is available at almost all times. The staff naturally responds with sensitivity in all situations due to their beliefs that all people are created equal and should be honored as equals.



Staff Members


Tess Shellenbarger, CCMHC, LCPC, LPC, MAC, CADCIII, NCC, ACS, CCTP  

Executive Director and Dual Diagnosis Therapist 


Sara Hayden, MA, LPC, LCPC, CCTP  

Asst. Executive Director, Mental Health Therapist, and Parenting Inside Out Coach 


 Linda Johnson, BS 

 Family Support and Connections (FS&C) Specialist, Malheur County Psychoeducational Facilitator and Parenting Inside Out Parenting Coach, CBRS: Community Based Rehabilitative Services, CHW: Community Health Worker 



Danielle Nutting, BA


CBRS: Community Based Rehabilitative Services, Case Manager, FS&C Assistant, PIO Faciltator



Lucy Banks

 Lead Administrative Assistant/Support Staff


Kenneth Carpenter, MS, QMHP, OR & ID Registered Intern

Mental Health Counselor


Anne Hedelius, MS

Mental Health Counselor


Treva Leslie, LPC (ID)

Mental Health Counselor


 Tammie Wilson, BA

Mental Health Counselor - Intern, CBRS: Community Based Rehabilitative Services, Case Manager 


Debbie Aschoff

Asst. Administrative Assistant/Support Staff


Joe Johnson, BS

First Aid & Blood Borne Pathogens Instructor


Petra Ramirez

Parenting Inside Out Parenting Coach, Bilingual Translator





Board of Directors 


  Gary Faw - Chairman


 Macy Steckley - Secretary/Treasurer